The Bug Blocker® Air Inlet Screen Panel

The Bug Blocker Air Inlet Screen Panel


Outside air openings and louvers are important devices in providing a healthy environment in a commercial facility. A major drawback in many air inlet systems is with the bug screening component. Most openings have a screen that is permanently mounted inside the building. This makes cleaning the screen extremely difficult. Cleaning crews need to use air or water pressure from inside the building to remove debris from the screen. This can create water or dust problems, or worse allowing contaminants to be blown back into the building. If you are looking for a more cost effective solution to this problem, try Rasco Industries, Inc. Air Inlet Screen PanelsTM. Mounted outside, the Bug Blocker® Air Inlet strong stainless steel screen mesh panels helps provide the answer to the new F.S.I.S. Food Safety Defense Plan item:

Physical Security

  • Plant boundaries are clear and secured to prevent unauthorized entry
  • Other access points such as windows and vents (and louvers) are secured.
  • The Bug Blocker® Air Inlet Screen PanelsTM can be securely mounted in place to prevent access to your facility.

A versatile bird, insect screen and rodent barrier!

The Bug Blocker® Air Inlet Screen Panel is mounted outside the building using special brackets. Stainless Steel screen mesh sections can be easily handled by one maintenance person. Removal for routine cleaning, and reinstallation is simple. Strong, corrosion resistant, the Air Inlet Screen PanelTM louver screen material is a tough stainless steel wire mesh that meets all Federal Specification Standards. A fine screen mesh for food industry applications is also available! Custom made to your specifications. The Bug Blocker® lets fresh air in, and keeps nasty pests and insects out. The Bug Blocker®Product Family will aid your A.I.B., USDA and HACCP compliance programs!


  • Stainless steel wire mesh that meets Federal Specification STD A-A-1037B
  • .023″ 12×12 mesh for standard use
  • .011″ 30×30 mesh for food applications
  • Custom made to your specifications. Large sizes available.
  • Aluminum frame construction
  • Standard commercial grade hardware
  • Easy to handle sections that slide together
  • Can be removed for cleaning by one person


  • Insert Mount
  • Surface Mount

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