Fire Safety Door Inspection

Fire Safety Door Inspections in Columbus, OH

An operating fire safety door is essential to your building’s overall fire protection plan. Fire-rated doors are a key component in stopping the spread of fire, smoke, and deadly fumes throughout your building in the case of a fire. As with all equipment, fire safety doors most be maintained properly to ensure they work as expected during an emergency. At Action, we have years of experience in inspecting fire safety doors to ensure they meet standards and work properly when you need them to.

With the adoption of the 2007 edition of NFPA 80, it is required that annual fire door inspections by done for all fire-rated doors. These requirements dictate that a written report of a fire safety door inspection be made and kept on record for the Authority Having Jurisdiction. The fire safety door inspection process at Action ensures your fire-rated doors are code compliant and that the proper paper work is done and given to you, that way you have it on file to give to your Authority Having Jurisdiction.

A fire-rated door report from Action includes:

  • List of compliant and non-compliant doors
  • Fire-rated door category listed for each door
  • Each fire-rated doors location in the building
  • Reason for failure of any door that doesn’t meet the standards
  • Inventory of the buildings fire doors
  • Documentation of compliance and non-compliance for your records and for you to provide to your Authority Having Jurisdiction
  • Ability to fix and issues causing you non-compliance

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