The Bug Blocker® Behind Rolling Steel Screen Door System

The Bug Blocker Behind Rolling Steel Screen Door System


Summer's heat can often drive you to open your overhead loading dock doors, just to keep your employees comfortable and working, but this also provides an open invitation to every bird, bee, mosquito, and rodent in the vicinity. Open doors can also lead to the loss of your valuable goods and inventory. If you are looking for an efficient way to add security, ventilation and a bug, bird and rodent barrier, to your building or warehouse - consider The Bug Blocker® Behind Rolling Screen Door!

Behind Rolling Screen Door Provides Security, Ventilation and Pest Control

The Bug Blocker Overhead Screen Door System is added to your existing rolling steel door. Installed in its own track in front of your rolling door. The Bug Blocker® Behind Rolling screen door comes with brush seal for all three sides and deep reverse angle (steel) the depth of the roll. The deep reverse angle is placed from the bottom of the roll down to the floor on each side sealing and closing everything in, like a vestibule mount. Sealing the sides prevents pest, bird and rodent intrusion. The Bug Blocker® behind rolling screen door comes with stainless steel wire mesh that meets Federal Specification Standards. A fine screen mesh size for food industry applications is also available! The Bug Blocker behind rolling steel screen door lets the cool breezes in and acts as a cost-effective bird and bug blocker. The Bug Blocker Product Family will aid your A.I.B., HACCP, Homeland Security and Food Safety compliance programs!


  • Stainless steel wire mesh that meets Federal Specifications STD A-A_1037B .023″ 12×12 mesh for security doors .011″ 30×30 mesh for food applications
  • Standard commercial grade hardware
  • Innovative switch design allows The Bug Blocker® to be used in conjunction with the existing rolling door door system.
  • Aluminum frame construction
  • Torsion spring kit included
  • Deep reverse angle
  • Brush seal


  • Motor Operated
  • Powder coating
  • Professional installations is available and recommended by the manufacturer


  • High Lift
  • Standard Lift
  • Vertical Lift
  • Side Sliding
  • Behind Rolling

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