Commercial Door Adjustments

Commercial Door Adjustments in Columbus, OH

Expert Garage Door Adjustment in Columbus, Ohio

If your commercial doors track is out of alignment, it can cause your overhead door to not operate properly. In the worst case, your commercial door could even come off of the tracks, injury you or someone else on your property. There are two ways Action Industrial Services may adjust your commercial door. We may align the track with the door, or we may align the track with the weatherstripping. Some details on both types or commercial door adjustment are provided below.

Adjust Commercial Door to Align with Track

The overhead door tracks guide the doors rollers when your door is opening or closing. Adjusting your commercial doors tracks involves setting the the doors track in line with the rollers. The rollers on overhead doors have clips on them that allow for side to side adjustment. Adjusting these clips allows our experienced door technicians to make sure your door is not too close or too dar from the tracks.

Adjusting Commercial Door to Weatherstripping

Sometimes your commercial doors track will need adjusted to the doors weatherstripping. When your overhead door is closed, it should be touching the weatherstripping. If you can see sunlight coming through the weatherstripping, your door most likely needs adjusted. Using the clips on the side of the commercial door, our highly trained technicians can adjust your overhead door tracks to the weatherstripping and realign your door.

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