Model MT is a Medium-Duty Logic trolley operator for standard lift sectional doors. It features a high-starting torque motor, a compact design, quick-gliding rail spacers and a quick-mount swivel header bracket.


  • UL325-2010 compliant Medium-Duty Logic programmable integrated circuit board
  • Built-in 3-channel, 315MHz radio receiver accepts up to 20 Chamberlain® Security+® or unlimited DIP switch remotes.
  • 3-button remotes can be programmed for OPEN/CLOSE/STOP operation
  • Programmable C2 or B2 wiring options (B2 requires CPS-U, CPS-UN4, or CPS-EI)
  • Integrated Timer-to-Close (TTC) allows programming from 5 to 60 seconds in 5-second increments. Allows for timed automatic door closure after the door reaches the full open position (Requires monitored safety devices, with CPS-U, CPS-UN4, or CPS-EI)
  • Integrated 90-second maximum run timer
  • UL325-2010 Monitored Entrapment Capability
  • Monitored protection against transient overvoltage conditions
  • 3-button control station included



Powerful 1/2 HP, single phase motor with instant reverse and internal automatic reset thermal overload. Removable without affecting limit switch settings.

Auxiliary Reversal System

Designed to protect the door and door operator from damage; if a closing door strikes an obstruction, the Auxiliary Reversal System will detect the slip of the clutch and reverse the door to the full open position. This system is not a substitute for a safety sensing device such as a photo cell or reversing edge.

Wiring Type

All operators are factory preset to C2 wiring providing momentary contact to open and stop, with constant contact to close. Momentary contact to close (B2 wiring) can be easily set, but requires the presence of either CPS-U, CPS-UN4, or CPS-EI safety devices. The operator is pre-wired to accept a sensing device, photoelectric control, radio controls and most types of access control equipment.

Rail Assembly

High strength dual L-rail track with exclusive nylon quiet gliding chain guides on rail spacers for quiet, smooth operation. Includes quick-mount header bracket which provides fast, swing-up installation.

Operator/Motor Control:

Solid-state Medium-Duty circuit board.

Control Circuit

24V NEC Class 2.

Drive Reduction

First stage heavy-duty 4L V-belt; second and third stages #48 chain; output on trolley #48 chain.

Emergency Disconnect

Spring-loaded disconnect for emergency manual operation

Push Button Station

3-button station for OPEN/CLOSE/STOP functions is standard for all operators. Controls with 1, 2 and 3 buttons are available.


NEMA 1 type electrical box, heavy-duty 11-gauge steel frame with baked-on powder coat finish, all reduction sprockets drilled and pinned to shafts.


Heavy-duty, oil filled bearings.

Radio Receiver

315MHz radio receiver is integral to the Medium-Duty logic board. Accepts up to 20 Security+® remote controls and unlimited DIP switch remote controls.

Friction Clutch

Adjustable friction clutch helps protect against damage to the door and operator should the door meet an obstruction. Works in conjunction with the Auxiliary Reversal System


2-year warranty.


Primary Monitored Entrapment Protection

The presence of primary entrapment protection is required for all modes and features beyond basic constant-pressure-to-close performance. Primary entrapment protection devices are monitored continuously to insure safe operation of the door and limit door operator functionality should an obstruction be detected or in the event of device failure. LiftMaster Monitored Entrapment Protection devices, CPS-U, CPS-UN4 and CPS-EI, are designed to work in conjunction with LiftMaster commercial door operators to provide enhanced door safety and a broad range of modes and features to end users. Either monitored photo-sensor or monitored 4-wire sensing edge (in conjunction with the CPS-EI Edge Interface) protection may be selected, but one must be detected by the LiftMaster Logic 4.0 or Medium-Duty Logic circuit board in order to unlock full functionality.

Ancillary Entrapment Protection: (optional)

LiftMaster Retro-Reflective Commercial Protector System® photo sensors, 2-wire non-monitored sensing edges and pneumatic sensing edges are considered secondary entrapment protection and may be used to supplement primary entrapment protection or basic constant-pressure-to-close.

Solenoid Brake

Solenoid actuated brake prevents coasting. Order operator BMT. Standard on 3/4 HP and higher.

Auto-Reconnect Trolley Assembly

Spring-loaded trolley features nylon inserts for quiet operation and auto-reconnect feature eliminating the need to manually reattach the door arm to the trolley after emergency disconnect.

Radio Control

Universal transmitters and receivers are available to signal the operator to open and/or close.

Key Switch

Designed to restrict operation of door to authorized personnel only. Various types available.

Interlock Switch

Prevents accidental operation of the door by interrupting the control circuit.

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