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Concrete Ramp Installation in Ohio

Installing a concrete ramp is a big (and permanent) job that requires a significant investment by your company. When you invest in a project that takes substantial effort to reverse, it’s important to get it right the first time. At Action Industrial Services, we have a team of highly skilled concrete craftsmen that use high quality materials for every concrete ramp and loading dock installation. Additionally, our ramp installations can withstand a large amount of weight. When it comes to concrete, we can complete your entire project. Our team will take your business from excavation to OSHA required safety stripping.

Concrete ramp installation Columbus, Ohio

Why Pick Action Industrial Services for Your Commercial Concrete Needs?

Ramp and loading dock installation requires a lot of experience. Our team has been doing concrete for decades. Some key factors to consider when picking your commercial concrete crew include:

  • High Strength Concrete and Materials – We only use the highest quality concrete on our jobs. Our ramps can withstand heavyweight trucks and machinery.
  • Experience with Concrete Ramp Design – Your ramp needs to meet the needs of your business. That means there may be some customization in your ramps design. Our concrete team can help design virtually any commercial ramp for your business.
  • Knowledge – We put safety first in every job we complete. Our team is experienced with OSHA requirements on ramps and loading docks. Any job we complete will meet your government regulation needs.

We Have Offices in Columbus, OH and Newark, OH

We offer commercial concrete services in Ohio and the surrounding areas. Additionally, we have offices in Columbus, OH and Newark, OH. Contact us today to make an appointment. We would be happy to answer any of your concrete questions and create an estimate.

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