Dock Bumper Installations and Repairs in Columbus, OH and Newark, OH

Action Industrial Services offers dock bumper installations and repair to customers in Central Ohio. We only carry quality products from Rotary Products. These products are the highest quality dock products made in the USA. Additionally, our team has decades of experience completing installations and repairs for dock equipment. Furthermore, we give our customers expert advice on bumper applications and installation. Various factors affect a loading dock and contribute to the efficient transfer of goods and materials. Contact us and we will be happy to help you create the most cost-effective bumper system available.

Sample Dock Bumper Comparable to Our Inventory
Sample Bumper Comparable to Our Inventory

We carry the following types of dock bumpers:

  • Dura-Soft Laminated Rubber Bumpers
  • Extra-Length Bumpers
  • Extra-Thick Bumpers
  • Molded Loading Bumpers
  • Extruded Bumpers
  • Steel Faced Bumpers
  • Dura-Soft Laminated Rubber Bumpers
  • Short Dock Gussets
  • Trailer Bumpers & Backhoe Pads

Dock Bumpers, Loading Dock Bumper, Extruded and Rubber Dock Bumper

Ensure Loading Dock Protection with Dock Bumpers. Keep your business’ lifeline secure with a variety of bumper configurations and styles to meet the specific needs of your loading dock. Options include loading dock bumpers, rubber dock bumpers, and extruded dock bumpers. Make sure your loading dock is protected with the right dock bumper solution.

Dock Bumpers

When trucks or trailers pull into your loading dock, make sure they “bump” into dock bumpers instead of your building. This protects both your building and the vehicles from damage. With various types of bumpers available, it’s important to choose the right one for your loading dock’s workload. Going too light on the bumpers may result in early failure, while going too heavy can cause issues with securing trucks and trailers for freight transfers.

Loading Bumper

With options in size and material, you’re sure to find the right loading dock bumper for your specific setup. Molded bumpers can be customized with angles to meet your dock’s needs, while steel-faced bumpers offer added protection with friction. For heavy loads, consider a heavy-duty bumper for extra cushioning. Our experienced team of dock specialist is here to help you pick the correct bumper for your building.

Rubber Bumper

Say goodbye to chipping and abrasion with rubber bumpers made from recycled truck tires. Unlike other harsh materials, these bumpers won’t cause damage to your trailers and trucks. Available in custom lengths to fit your specific needs, these rubber dock bumpers can also be reinforced with a metal band for added protection and durability.

Extruded Bumper

Protect your loading dock with a cost-effective extruded bumper system. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, these bumpers can even provide wall protection from material handling equipment. Available in a range of sizes, simply place them next to each other for wider coverage. Extruded dock bumpers are a smart choice for your loading dock.


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