Dock Lights, Fans, and Safety Signs

Dock Lights, Fans, and Safety Signs Installation in Columbus, OH and Newark, OH

Action Industrial Services offers dock lights, fans, and safety signs installations and repair to customers in Central Ohio. Lights, fans, and safety signs are essential for preventing accidents at the loading dock. They aid truck drivers with dock safety procedures and keep your team safe. We only carry quality products from Rotary Products. These products are the highest quality dock products made in the USA. Contact us and we will be happy to help you create the most cost-effective and safe dock system available.

Dock guide lights similar to ones Action Industrial Services Carries
Dock guide lights similar to ones Action Industrial Services Carries

We carry the following types of dock fans, lights and safety signs:

  • Safety Signs
  • Stop and Go Lights
  • LED Loading Docks Lights
  • Standard Duty Modular Loading Dock Lights
  • Heavy Duty Modular Loading Dock Lights
  • Ceiling Mounted Incandescent Flex Arm
  • Motion Activated Quartz Halogen Dock Light
  • Motion Activated Quartz Halogen Dock Light

Dock Safety Signs and Lights

Ensure Safe Loading Operations with Proper Signage and Lighting. While your pit leveler, edge leveler, and bumpers provide important safety features, don’t forget the importance of clear instructions and bright lights for drivers. Whether your loading dock operates during the day or 24/7, dock lights, loading lights, and safety signs are crucial for promoting safety and efficiency. Make sure your loading dock has everything it needs to run smoothly and safely.

Dock Lights

To make the status of your loading docks clear and easily understandable, consider installing red-green loading lights. These lights can indicate to drivers which docks are available for use, making the process smoother and less confusing. Furthermore, consider installing lights to guide drivers as they back up their trailers, providing extra safety and security during nighttime operations. To save energy and resources, motion-activated outdoor lights are also available and will only turn on when someone or a vehicle enters the sensor field, ensuring that your loading dock remains well-lit even during 24-hour operations.

Loading Lights

Having proper lighting while working inside a truck or trailer at the loading dock is crucial for worker safety and efficiency. That’s why loading dock lights are an essential addition to your loading dock setup. With options in light sources like incandescent, quartz halogen, high-pressure sodium, and metal halide, you can choose the best light for your needs. To accommodate for different environments, loading lights come with either a standard duty arm or a heavy-duty arm that can also hold a fan. Some loading dock lights even have a flexible arm that can be mounted on the ceiling, allowing them to pivot and return to position if knocked by a forklift, making them an ideal choice for busy loading docks.

Dock Safety Signs

In addition to providing adequate lighting at your loading docks, it’s also important to display clear and visible safety signs. These signs serve as reminders and provide important information for drivers, such as the requirement to turn off engines while parked at the dock or the meaning of red and green lights. To maximize visibility, you can opt for normal or mirror-image signs that can be easily read in the side mirrors of trucks and trailers as they are backing into the loading dock.



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