Dock Locks and Truck Restraints

Dock Locks and Truck Restraints Installation and Repair in Columbus, OH and Newark, OH

Action Industrial Services offers dock locks and truck restraints installations and repair to customers in Central Ohio. We offer automatic vehicle restraints, which are push button for easy operation, and manual vehicle restraints, which are spring loaded and operated by hand with a push bar. We only carry quality products from Rotary Products. These products are the highest quality dock products made in the USA. Additionally, our team has decades of experience completing installations and repairs for dock equipment. Contact us and we will be happy to help you pick the right dock lock and truck restraints for your dock system.

Sample Truck Restraint Similar To Our Inventory
Sample Truck Restraint Similar To Our Inventory

Dock Locks, Truck Restraints, and Loading Dock Locking Systems

At your loading dock, ensuring safety and preventing accidents and unauthorized access is of utmost importance. That’s why having a reliable restraint system in place is crucial. Action Industrial Services offers a variety of options, including truck restraints, trailer restraints, locks, door locks, and locking systems to meet your needs, no matter how many docks you have – from just one to a large fleet of 100 or more. Make sure your loading dock is secure and protected with a top-notch restraint system!

Trailer and Truck Restraints

To ensure the safety and security of your trailers and trucks, consider investing in trailer and truck restraints. These restraints keep trailers and the valuable merchandise inside secure, both during the day and night. Not only that, but they also add an extra layer of safety when using forklifts to load and unload freight.

Truck restraints provide added peace of mind by securing the truck to the loading dock and preventing it from being driven away unexpectedly. These locks ensure that everyone working at the loading dock remains safe while loading and unloading the truck.

Dock Locks and Dock Door Locks

Having a lock for each of your docks is essential for both security and safety. There are a range of dock locks available to meet the unique needs of your business.

It’s just as important to secure the dock door as it is to secure the truck or trailer to the dock. By installing dock door locks, you can ensure the protection and security of your loading dock area.

Loading Dock Lock Systems

Having a centralized locking system for all your loading docks is a smart way to ensure the security and safety of your goods and loading docks. With just a single switch, you can easily lock all the doors, making it much more convenient and efficient for you, especially when you have multiple loading docks.

And to further enhance the protection of your loading docks, a comprehensive dock lock system should include both truck and trailer restraints, as well as dock door locks. This will give you peace of mind knowing that all aspects of your loading docks are secure.

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