Pallet Rack Systems

Pallet Racking and Decking

Pallet rack storage systems are a staple in warehouse, production, and industrial environments. At Action, we offer a wide variety of pallet racking solutions. With a Pallet Rack installation from Action Industrial Services, you can rest assured that your pallet rack solution will meet the demands of your company’s warehouse shelving needs.

What to Expect from Action Installed Racking and Decking

  • Our Pallet Rack Systems Are Available Both Bolted or Welded Together – Pallet racking that is bolted together is much stronger than pallet racking that is welded together. Bolted pallet racking is also far more cost effective to transport than welded pallet racking.
  • We Build Flexible Pallet Rack Solutions – We keep a variety of frame depths and heights in our warehouses which allow us to meet all of your pallet racking needs. Whether you need a simple solution or a custom pallet rack solution for your warehouse, we can get the job done right.
  • We Offer New and Used Pallet Rack Systems – we offer both new or used solutions in uprights, beams, and decking through our manufacturing partners, our dealer network, and our on-site inventory.

What Type of Pallet Rack Do We Offer?

Action Industrial Services is qualified to handle all of your storage solutions needs. We have a large selection of affordable new and used pallet racking in our Columbus, Ohio warehouse. We service all of Ohio and the surrounding states.

Teardrop Style Racking

Teardrop pallet racking systems were developed for warehouses that have regularly changing storage needs. In teardrop pallet racking, pallets rest on horizontal beams that are held in place by clips. These clips can be easily moved, allowing the shelving to be easily resized.

New Style

The newest form of racking whose shaved pin beams can fit both New Style as well as Teardrop uprights.

Keystone Style Racking

Keystone racking was developed to maximize the weight capacity of the pallet racking system. The racking is design with columns that have solid corners and keystone slots punched in the area of least stress. Slits are cut on both sides of the columns and offset from the connectors on the beams to prevent dislodgement.

Selective Pallet Racking

Selective pallet racking is a commonly used form of pallet racking because it allows easy access to all of the products on the shelving at all times. This is especially important for businesses that have a rapidly changing inventory. Selective pallet racking has one of the highest weight capacity to cost ratios, making it one of the most affordable pallet racking solutions. At Action Industrial services, we can help you save money with our used pallet racking sales, please contact us to see how much we can save your company.

Drive-In | Drive-Through Pallet Racking

Drive-in and drive through pallet racking solutions allow forklifts to drive into or through the rows of racking. The difference between the two styles of pallet racking is that Drive-in pallet racking allows a forklift to drive in the row of racking, but not through it and out the other side. Drive-through pallet racking allows a forklift to drive in the row of racking and straight through and out the other side.

Structural Style Pallet Racks

The purpose of structural pallet racking is to use the uprights from the pallet racking as the support beams for the building. The structural style pallet racking is a custom designed warehouse where the building is a rack support structure. These structures can either be custom made, or pre-designed and developed on your company’s property.

Gravity Flow Pallet Racks

This pallet racking solution uses inclined rails with rollers that allow pallets to move along the rails. Gravity flow pallet racking solutions commonly have braking systems in place to control the rate at which pallets are able to move. This particular pallet racking solution was designed to use high density and depth to increase storage capacity.

Cantilever Style Pallet Rack

Cantilever pallet racking solutions are most commonly used for oddly shaped items that need to be stored in a warehouse. Lumber, steel bars, furniture, and other oddly shaped items are commonly stored in cantilever pallet racking solutions. There are no frontal beam supports in cantilever racking, which allows items to be easily loaded or unloaded from the pallet racking system.

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