Used Pallet System Purchase in Ohio

Used Pallet Racking Tear Down and Sale Columbus, OH

Type of Work: Used Pallet Racking

Recent Used Pallet Racking Tear Down and Purchase

Our team completed a used pallet racking purchase and tear down in Columbus, OH. A large clothing manufacturer in Columbus, OH moved warehouses and selected Action Industrial Services to complete the racking tear down for the used materials. Our team also provided the sales and installation of the pallet racking for the new warehouse. The used racking system from the tear down will be available for sale from Action Industrial Services. Call today if you’re interested in the used racking.

The used pallet racking from this warehouse transition is a great opportunity to purchase high quality racking for a great price. Since 2016 the global steel market has faced supply chain issues. This has caused the price of pallet racking to increase significantly over the years. The price increase combined with the supply chain shortage introduced by covid-19 has made finding new pallet racking without long lead times frustrating to say the least. By considering a used racking system, you could save your company a lot of capital and still end up with high quality racking. We encourage you to contact our team to lean more about our used material handling products.

Material Handling Experts in Ohio

Warehouse tear downs and transitions can be particularly difficult to complete due to the multiple work streams that need to take place at the same time. Whether you’re halfway through the project or just starting the planning phase, our experienced professionals can help. Our team of material handling experts have been in the industry for generations and know how to get the job done right. We look forward to serving you and your company.

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