Warehouse Impact Doors

Warehouse Impact Doors Installations and Repairs in Columbus, OH and Newark, OH

Action Industrial Services offers warehouse impact door installations and repair to customers in Central Ohio. We only carry quality products from Rotary Products. These products are the highest quality warehouse products made in the USA. Additionally, our team has decades of experience completing installations and repairs for warehouse equipment. Our impact doors are available in Standard, Poly-Kor, Poly-Kor XHD, and Ultra-Lite, impact doors can twist and bend with the pounding of the roughest traffic. Contact us today and our experienced team of warehouse professionals will help you select the correct door.

Impact Door Installation
Impact Door Installation

Warehouse Impact Doors from Dock Equipment Suppliers

From entrance doors to loading dock doors and security doors, your facility has many doors that play a crucial role in ensuring smooth operations. Don’t overlook the significance of impact traffic doors, which are designed to handle high-traffic areas and perform several important functions.

Enhance your Warehouse Efficiency with Impact Traffic Doors

Doors play a crucial role in any facility and impact doors, also known as traffic doors, are no exception. Whether you need to store produce in a cooler, allow forklift access, or separate retail spaces, impact doors are the solution for smooth traffic flow and efficient operations. With a variety of configurations available, you can select the perfect door to fit your warehouse’s unique needs.

Impact doors come with a range of benefits, such as easy-to-use designs and hands-free operation. These doors are also equipped with labels to guide traffic flow, ensuring that people know which side of the door to use. In addition, impact doors are a great solution for maintaining a consistent temperature in cooler facilities, making them an essential component for any smooth-running warehouse.

For retail settings, light-duty impact doors offer an ideal solution to provide access to special sections while keeping them separate from the rest of the retail space. These doors are simple to use and close automatically, eliminating any additional effort from customers.

Upgrade your facility’s door system with impact doors for a seamless and efficient operation.

Traffic Impact Doors for Warehouses

Maximize the efficiency and safety of your loading dock with high-traffic impact doors. Whether you need to separate a warehouse storeroom from the dock, allow multiple forklifts to move through an area, or maintain a constant temperature in a cooler facility, impact doors can help. Designed for high-use environments, these doors provide a seamless flow of traffic, making them ideal for busy warehouses, retail spaces, and other facilities. With options for hands-free use and labeling, these impact doors are easy to use, making them a practical solution for your business needs. Don’t neglect the role that impact doors play in keeping your loading dock running smoothly. Invest in high-traffic impact doors for optimal functionality and safety.


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