Commercial Overhead Doors in Columbus, Ohio

At Action Industrial Services, we install a wide variety of commercial overhead doors. From rolling steel doors, to fire safety doors and bug doors, Action Industrial Services is your one stop shop for all of your commercial overhead door needs. You have probably seen several of our commercial garage door installations in Columbus, Ohio. We have installed countless commercial doors in restaurants, warehouses, and distribution centers all over the city.

There is a lot to consider when having a commercial overhead door installed. Different commercial doors are rated for different situations and can drastically affect the safety and security of your business, property, employees, and customers.

No matter what type of commercial overhead door you are in need of. Action Industrial Services can walk you through the process of purchasing a commercial door, which includes the following phases:

  • Requirements gathering
  • Checking the specifications you need
  • Selecting a garage door
  • Having the door installed
  • Maintaining your commercial overhead door

Our staff has decades of experience in doing commercial overhead door sales, installations, repairs, and maintenance routines. Commercial overhead doors are at the heart of all of our largest projects, and this experience makes us a great partner for everything commercial doors.

We use Amarr commercial overhead doors for the majority of our commercial overhead door projects. Amaar offers the highest level of quality in commercial overhead doors. We are proud to be a distributor for Amarr overhead doors and look forward to installing one at your place of business.

Action Industrial Services provides commercial overhead door repairs, installation, and sales to all of Central Ohio.  If you need garage overhead assistance, we would love to earn your business. Call us anytime at 844-ACTION1 (228-4661) or visit our contact page.

Why Choose Action for Fire-rated Door Inspections

Why Choose Us for Fire Safety Door Inspections in Central Ohio?

If your organization has fire-rated doors installed in your facilities, then you are well aware of the NFPA 80 requirement that states all fire-rated commercial doors need to pass an annual inspection. In this blog post, we will demonstrate why we are the clear choice for performing fire safety door inspections in your facilities and review what a fire safety door report from Action Industrial Services includes. We are a leader in fire safety door inspections in Central Ohio. Contact us if you have any question.

The fire-rated safety door inspection report from Action Industrial Services sets us apart as an industry leader. This detailed report not only lets you know the state of the fire safety doors in your facility, but also provides actionable solutions to any non-compliance issues that are found. Any solution we provide will be the best quality solution for your issue, and our team is capable of implementing any fire safety door product or service in the fastest and most cost efficient way.

A fire safety door report from Action Industrial Services includes statements and solutions for the following categories:

A list of all compliant fire-rated doors in your facility

We compile a list of all the compliant fire safety doors in your facilities including any information on routine maintenance that has been done recently or will need to be done in the future.

List of all non-compliant fire-rated doors in your facility 

Our team compiles a list of all the fire safety doors in your facilities that do not meet compliance standards. This list also includes the reason the door failed to meet compliance and an actionable plan to get your non-compliant fire safety doors back to compliance standards as fast and cost effectively as possible.

The location of each fire-rated door in your facility

The report given to you and the documentation you will provide to the Authority Having Jurisdiction by the Action team will include the location of every fire safety door in your facilities.

Documentation of Compliance and Non-Compliance for you to provide to the Authority Having Jurisdiction 

As part of the NFPA 80 requirements, your organization is required to submit documentation of compliance and non-compliance with the Authority Having Jurisdiction for the area your facility is located in. The Action team will make this a simple task for your organization by providing all the required documentation for you to review and submit.

The ability to fix any issue causing a fire-rated door non-compliance 

The Action team has decades of experience repairing commercial garage doors, including fire-safety doors. Our experience with fire-rated garage doors and knowledge of compliance standards means we can get your facility back in compliance and keep it there in the fastest and most cost efficient manner.

How to Choose the Right Pallet Racking System for Your Business

We Can Help you Choose the Right Pallet Rack System for Your Warehouse in Central Ohio

We talk a lot about the different types of pallet racking systems throughout our website. On our website, you can look at the different types of pallet racking system we offer, or read about the types of used pallet racking we sell and buy. However, if you are trying to figure out what type of pallet racking system you need to buy to get the most out of your warehouse facility, this is the post for you.

In order to figure out what type of pallet racking system you need for your organization, you need to answer a few questions about your business and warehousing facilities. The questions below will give you a good start to buying your pallet racking system.

What is your storage to space ratio?

Different pallet racking systems offer various storage densities. Being able to pick which pallet racking system is best for you will greatly depend on how high your storage to space ratio is. Answering this question will allow you to best utilize the space in your warehouse.

What is the weight of the pallets you will be storing?

The weight of your pallets is important to consider when choosing which type of pallet racking system you should purchase. Different systems offer different weight maximums, and in order to choose the best fit and most cost effective system, you should know the weight of your pallets.

How will you need to access inventory from your storage system?

How you will need to access inventory from your storage system will largely determine which type of pallet racking system you need to purchase. When answering this question, you will need to consider the following:

  • Do you need to access your entire inventory all at once?
  • Do you need a queue (first in, first out) or stack (first in, last out) system?
  • What type and how large are the forklifts that will need to access your inventory?

How does your team pick from storage?

Does your team pick items off pallets or entire pallets at a time? This makes a major difference in what type of pallet racking system you will need to purchase.

Does your company need to meet any association or government regulations?

Before purchasing any pallet racking system, you will need to consider any regulations your organization needs to comply with. These regulations can affect the type of storage systems you are able to choose from.

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